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[Action] Nuvema Town

"Ugh..." Teleporting may have been convenient, but the disorientation that came with it, Shizuo could have done without. If this was the common method of traveling... He didn't know how Estelle could stand it. He would choose walking any day. The Growlithe and Petilil tailing him seemed to agree, judging by how they were tottering around drunkenly. Shizuo shook off the disorientation and took a curious glance around.

So this was Nuvema Town... Quaint little houses, trees and grass everywhere, birds chirping, and the salty scent of the sea mingled with the breeze. It was a very peaceful town, nothing like the city he came from.

Shizuo was enjoying the tranquility when something heavy landed on his head. The talons digging in implied that it was a Pokemon.

"Pidove..." Suddenly, he felt something splatter onto his head. By the time he realized what it was, the Pokemon had already swiftly flown away into the sky. It seemed to be laughing. Needless to say, Shizuo was not nearly as amused.


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he started it! >:((

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Apparently the angered shouting didn't mean much to Nepeta, who simply grinned back in response, clearly pleased to have hit her mark. The mailbox, on the other hand, was treated like something much more serious. Immediately she jumped out of the way and watched the metal thing skid across the ground that she'd been standing in just seconds before, and then she bolted again. First she ran for Napoleon, snatching the Sneasel up in her mouth by the back of his neck despite his protests and clawing at the air in an attempt to be intimidating, and then she was scrambling up the nearest tree, glaring down at Shizuo and hissing.

This, she thought, was the perfect vantage point. She could leave Napoleon here on the branch if she had to, and this was an ideal place to lunge from. But first she smirked down at the other trainer and looked to see what he would do.
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inb4 Trips

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"Ooooh! Stop that already!" Estelle cried, sending out her Audino and holding hands with her. She matched her rhythm with Tanit's, breathing in and out as the Audino glowed pink.

"Calm down a bit shall we~?" Estelle proposed, her Pokemon letting out a squeak. "Heal Pulse!"

Channeling her natural gift at healing artes through her Pokemon, Estelle commanded her Audino to wash Shizuo over with a wave of soothing energy. Now... what would be the actual effect?
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For a moment, Nepeta stared at what was going on, completely befuddled. Mere moments ago the other trainer had been acting like he was trying to kill her! The thought occurred that if she wanted to take him down, this would be the absolutely perfect moment—but if the danger was gone, then why worry? There was that horrible dog at the foot of the tree, though, and she responded with a hiss muffled by Napoleon's fur but otherwise she wouldn't even pay the harmless, stupid thing any mind.

A connection was made between what Estelle had done and the current state of her once-attacker and a grin spread across the troll's face. After a little adjustment she was sitting cross-legged on the branch and holding her struggling, stubborn Pokémon in her arms. "Thank you, Estelle!" She was staying put up where it was safe, though.
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"Fighting is bad right?" Estelle inquired to Shizuo, walking up and taking his hand, and unwittingly blasting him with more Heal Pulse. "There's no real need for it you know~" Estelle smiled her brightest.

Estelle turned to Nepeta and waved. "Hello again Nepeta~ How have you been~?"
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The grin on Nepeta's face only widened, as if she was feeling victorious, and she stretched out to lie across the tree branch. Apparently, the sudden wave of calmness had bored her Sneasel, who simply curled up on his trainer's back. "Purretty good! I've gotten some new kittens since we saw each other befur." Her Persian hadn't been around when she'd seen Estelle last, had it? She couldn't remember. "How about you?"
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"That's right Shizuo-san~ You've got to learn more about this world first before engaging in fights after all~" Estelle said to her traveling partner, relieved that she was able to calm him down.

"Oh my~ You've been quite busy haven't you, Nepeta~? As for me..." Estelle started, thinking over her past experiences. "I've been reading quite a lot about this world~ There was a very good library that I went to and I learned everything there is to know about this world~" Estelle proclaimed confidently, puffing her chest out. "I also received two Gym Badges! They were quite exciting battles~" Estelle nodded, remembering her trials of the Striaton and Nacrene Gyms.
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"Oohhh, gym badges! You've gotta let me see 'em!" said the girl, leaning just slightly forward on her branch in a way that made it bend just slightly uncomfortably and positively beaming. "Libraries, huh? What kinda stuff did you learn?"

At this point, she seemed to have decided that bothering with Shizuo was no longer worth her time. If he was no longer a threat and there was no chance for there to be much more than resentment between them, then why bother?
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"So you can know about the different ways things can go around in this world, Shizuo-san~ And I think... There's a stream up ahead? Are you looking for public bathrooms perhaps? I think you might need to ask the laboratory for where that is, my apologies..." Estelle explained, bowing, as she was not really sure where everything was in this town. The last time she came here it was only a short trip before she started just traveling off after all.

"Oh! Um... Wait just a moment..." Estelle started, addressing Nepeta's request as she dug around her pack, before successfully pulling out her badge case and opening it. "Here! The Trio and Basic Badges~! I'm so proud of everyone for making it this far~" Estelle giggled, happy that she could do such things well.

"Oh! Well I've learned quite a lot of things about Pokemon! Ask me anything you wish~!" Estelle grinned, puffing her chest out with confidence. AWW HOW CUTE.
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For a moment, Nepeta waited to watch Shizuo walk off, and then she twisted around to grab her Sneasel in her teeth by the scruff of his neck and leaped down from her branch and down at Estelle's feet in one quick movement. Dumping one very disgruntled Napoleon into her arms, she scrambled back up to look at the other girl's shiny set of tokens.

"Ooohhh, they're so purretty! Mrroow, I'm jealous!" The temptation to take the trinkets and bat them around like toys was strong but she resisted. "Heehee, I guess I know who to go to next time I'm purrplexed about things."
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"Be careful!" Estelle said to Shizuo as he went off, before Nepeta came to inspect the badges.

"Hehe~ It's all thanks to my team working together~ And I'm free to answer any questions you have about Pokemon for sure~" Estelle grinned.