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Does anybody else visit the Game Corner? If so, how much luck do you tend to have with it?

Just wondering. [... Mostly because the last few times Hikaru's gone, he's come out of it extremely lucky...]
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[It's been a few weeks since Gilag arrived in Unova, and needless to say, the continued 'attack of rabid zigzagoon' has gotten rather old. And he's honestly tried to be a bit positive over things (especially since he's now travelling with a little girl in tow, and honestly he'd feel like shit if he made things worse for her)--the gym badge challenge doesn't really appeal to him what with Yuuma's statement that whether or not they go home is left up to the 'god' of this world, but then again neither does, well.]

[The usual, he supposes. For some reason he's got more guilt riding on his shoulders than typical, when he thinks on the idea of just not doing anything--not that he could get away with that now anyway--but more than that, he's been thinking about what everyone's been saying about the 'Ponta problem'. If he can train other pokemon then he should be able to train his right? ...RIGHT?]

[But Ponta is still doing that thing where he'll gnaw on his face if his mood is foul enough, and so while the team breaks on the outskirts of Flocessy Ranch's wood, Gilag looks over something he found a few days back.]

'Increase the bond between you and your pokemon with 'Pokepuffs'--the greater the puff the greater the bond'... [HEY AT THIS POINT HE'LL TRY ANYTHING OK.]

[Annnd speaking of anything... That's an altaria.] H-HOHHH!! IT'S HERE!!

[And in his excitement, guess who left the video on~!]


[The puffs came in, the box was opened...and Ponta isn't attacking, but he's not exactly being friendly either. Nah that's on someone else.]

O-Oii! Give those back! Those aren't yours!

[A phantump managed to get into the box! and now it's rather greedily mowing down on the food as Gilag scales the tree to reach it. ...Only for the phantump to of course fly off.]


Tu tu tuuu~


[You will later find Gilag on the ground, in defeat, as the Phantump sits on his shoulder and eats a pokepuff.]

001 [video]

Nov. 4th, 2013 10:56 am
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[This video is being shot from inside a caravan. A very large caravan.]

... Does anybody here know how to drive...? I've got this huge caravan but I can't drive it myself... I-I don't even have a permit back home yet!
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[There's a tiny girl on the feed again. Instead of a fussy Budew in her lap, she now has an egg.]

... In Floccesy Ranch... There's a hole in one of the trees... I found an egg in there...

[... And with that, she shuts the feed off. She's not very good at these things, is she?]
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[It had taken a while to get the hang of the strange new technology, but it was simple enough that he didn't make too many mistakes.  The video was on now, though, and he's giving everyone a good look at his Bagon as he has the camera... the wrong way around.  WHOOPS!]

Ah, hello?  My name is Kyousuke Kiryu of Pern, and I have a few questions...

[If nothing else, he'd like to know where the nearest Hold is.  Being so exposed is actually stressing him out.]

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[The feed turns on to a tiny girl in Aspertia City staring intently at her Xtransceiver.

Staring, staring...

... Is she waiting for something to happen?

There's a small fuss from a Budew on her lap, which she looks down at before she turns the feed off.

... Only to turn it back on a few seconds later.]

Would... someone please... go with me to Floccesy Ranch...?
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[It would appear Gilag's transceiver has not only turned itself on entirely by mistake (from being knocked horribly about), but it's also no longer on his wrist. Instead, it lies on the ground, tipped over and awkwardly filming.]


[He appears to be wrestling with a zigzagoon with a penchant for gnawing his wrist, which is quite a SHAME since he was apparently in the middle of a rice bowl...]


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Hel-looooooooo, Unova!

[It's a Sailor Scout, it's a Puella Magi; no, it's--

... not actually a magical girl, just some weird girl in a cosplay, with Aspertia City in the background.]
How's everyone doing this fine evening? I'm a newcomer here! The name's Midori Komaki! It's nice to meet you all in advance~ I'm super-duper excited to be here! This beats the lockdown in the Yamanote circle any day!

Anyone got any tips and tricks for a beginner~?
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 Step right up! As part of a welcome to the other-worlders who have reappeared, the farmers of Flocessy Ranch have opened their gates to a country fair! Aside from getting deals on woolen clothing, there's going to be hay rides, corn mazes, berry bobbing...

One of the gates is open to let people meet with the mareep there, and with all the excitement around it's impossible not to feel happy!


One of the farmers seems to be looking for the ranch's herdier, but surely that's nothing to worry about.

[[NOTE: The tags in this event post will NOT be grouped into one event, until entering a certain area; those who do so will be PM'd with the option of being entered into what will be posted as a group log in the final week of the month. Other than that, enjoy! Tags will come from both the Mod account, and the NPC account for Yuuma Tsukumo; otherwise, people are free to mingle!]]

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 Okay, one, two, three...

[The two year skip has left a mark on everyone really. Sitting around in Mistralton, Crow doesn't really care if he was told that 'everyone would be with him'. Some of the others went home (and really, he can't blame the kids for that, but part of him wants to deal with what's going on HERE first), and some stayed, but...]

Alright, where's Breeze--


[Have fun counting ALL THE BIRDS for role call.]
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Hazel has been traveling pretty much constantly since the two year skip. Not aimlessly though. They are obviously off the beaten path in the forest. Her caravan has been left parked elsewhere to save time.

"Did we see the mossy rock last time we were here?"

Her Espeon just shakes his head. If they saw it he doesn't remember. She sighs and turns on her Xtransceiver.

[[ video ]]

[ She looks at the camera sheepishly while Zack decides to sniff around. ]

Has anyone ever come across a large mossy rock in Pinwheel Forest? One that um... kinda feels a bit strange if that makes any sense. It's supposed to have something to do with evolving Eevee.


[ Before she can finish her thought Zack gets a scent that obviously must be followed right this second. Suddenly... Running... While Hazel happens to be sitting on his back. ]

Eep! Zack!

[ Nope. Not stopping just yet. Gotta find the thing! ]

[[ end video ]]

Hazel hastily shuts off her Xtransceiver and puts it away to avoid dropping it since she isn't actually wearing it.

"Zaaack! Where are we going?" She's still a bit shocked at the sudden run but, she's more curious about what he's trying to find than alarmed really. She didn't actually tell him to stop after all.

He pauses for a second to make sure he's still on the trail before he's off again.
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 It happens so quickly. The news is broadcasting a feed as Champion Alder presents to two trainers each a scroll of sorts, cheers sounding in the background while the country watches in awe.

'For the first time in a number of years, two trainers have successfully attained championship within the same day! Leading Champion Alder is now presenting these two young trainers--Iris of Mistralton, and Yuuma Tsukumo--their very proof of success. I am told that with these medallions and certificates that they will in fact be able to restore full power to the entralink as well, finally allowing those from alternate worlds to return home at will--'

Perhaps you're watching. Perhaps you could care less, but just as the news announces what is likely a matter of top concern, the screen cuts to black.

As does everything else.

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[ The view suggests that Sephiroth is on top of a building in Opelucid city. The roof of the gym is visible behind him. ]

Is anyone near being prepared for the Opelucid City gym?

I find myself in need of a partner.
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 Where Yuuma sits, there's finally daylight again. He's at the steps to a great tower, with buildings nearby, the pokemon around resting on the grass.  He and Astral appear to be talking about something--what it is... Isn't entirely clear.

"Astral... Are you--"

"...Being able to speak, and eat, and feel... It's important, and something I have quite enjoyed," the alien is murmuring. "...When we go home... ...When we return..."

He falls silent, and Yuuma picks up in his place. "Then, you're saying..."

Quickly, Astral shakes his head. "It's nothing," he decides, turning to stand. "Forget what I said--I misspoke."


There is nothing but silence after this--and so soon enough, both move to enter the tower with whoever may be there, so as to take the final challenge.

The Elite Four and the Champion shall fall Today.
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[ Looks like Hazel finally got herself a caravan. It's a rather small one and kind of plain.

Most of her Pokémon are poking at it. Except Zack is nowhere to be seen.

I wonder if I should have waited 'til I had enough for a bigger one...

[ And the reason for that wondering chooses that moment to squeeze out of the caravan. It seems like the door is just big enough for the Arcanine to get through. Lucky him. ]

So you fit. Does that mean you're gonna squeeze yourself in there every night?

[ He sits and gives her a sort of incredulous look. Of course he is. What a silly question. ]

You know you're not really gonna fit in the bed that well...

[ He pouts slightly and she giggles. ]

Erm, anyway. I'm going to be heading to Driftveil and I'm wondering if anyone else is heading that way right now. Just curious.
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 Crow appears to be standing outside none other than Mistralton area's own 'Celestial Tower', battle pokemon at his side, and a plaque in front of his face. There was apparently a bit of stalling before they could even get to Mistralton itself before... But with a few more pokemon at his side, they're back on track again. As for this plaque...

"...Other wise known as the Tower of Heaven," he reads aloud to himself, "It is said that to ring the bell at its peak will cause its peals to chorus according to the purity of the heart."


"Hohhh, neat!" Yes of course it is.

Crow looks back to the tower, smirking. "I think I'll give it a shot!" he decides, heading in. Who knows, maybe someone else is in the tower to do the same thing!
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 Yea 'she' wishes.

Yuuma is evidently still afflicted by the gender-bending wave that's struck Unova lately, and though she's gotten over the confusion, she's rather visibly exhausted.

Though perhaps that's the journey taking its tolls. "HUeeeeeehhh... So long..."

"It can't be helped," remarks a notably unchanged Astral from beside the 'woman'. "The caravan is too large for the narrow paths. With that, we must move far slower than most would."

"Even so..." It's taking too long...
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[Suddenly, Subaru feels like his clothes aren't fitting quite right. They feel a bit...looser. Just a bit. And his hair seems to have grown in length, the hat went falling straight off when it happened and it took a bit of struggling to get back on comfortably. And...he lets out a decidedly very girly squeak when he feels...that missing.]

U...um... [Okay, that wasn't his voice at all. It couldn't have been him speaking. But it was. And for a moment he finds himself hesitant to speak. After all, other than his hair, he doesn't look that much different (thanks to being only ten, ha), maybe he's just imagining things?

War-Rock, however, has no such inclinations, taking advantage of the activated Hunter in Subaru's waistband pocket to materialize and let his thoughts known. And he looks decidedly different as well-his usually spiked mane looks decidedly curly and he even seems to look like he's wearing earrings made out of the same glowing material as his mane and hands. And when he speaks-rather, yells, it's a decidedly brusque feminine voice.]

Alright, what's happening this time?!

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[ Anyone not aware of current... changes among some of Unova's current residents might not recognize Sephiroth right away. While his hair remains the same, his face has changed a bit. And his pauldrons seem ready to slip off his shoulders. The straps across his chest and his coat are also loose now... and well, his new 'assets' aren't exactly covered all that well but, he doesn't seem concerned about that. Of course it's hard to say since there isn't really anything resembling emotion on his face. ]

I am uncertain how to feel about this.

[ For a moment he almost seems disturbed at the sound of his own voice then he's back to a deadpan expression. ]

Am I the only one experiencing this... change?

[ It would seem he's decided to see if he's been singled out before deciding whether to be angry. ]
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Yuuma is giving a rather excited cheer despite his surroundings to say the least. Stone, stone, and more hard jagged stone, as far as the transceiver can see.

"Victory Road sure is bigger than I thought," he laughs, scratching his cheek. "I didn't think it was possible to wind up in a cave for so long!"

"If we hadn't supplied ourselves with enough rations," Astral adds from the side, "We would have had to turn the cavern back."

"Ah- Ahehehehe... W-Well..." Yuuma coughed, waving the words off. "Well, we can't be far now right?! There's going to be light at the end of the tunnel soon! I know it!"


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